Friday, June 10, 2011

N.J. Special Olympian Aiming for More Gold

HAMILTON, N.J. -- After months of training, hours in the pool and a lifetime of dedication, Roberto Hernandez Jr. had reached the pinnacle of his sport. The gold medal was his.
"I looked up at the sky, toward God," Hernandez recalled later of his moment on the podium, waiting to accept the top prize of his sport: "I can feel the burn on my legs and arms but it doesn't hurt at all. I feel so happy — it feels awesome."
It was 2005 when Hernandez won what would be the first of 19 gold medals in the backstroke and 15-meter freestyle swimming events. This year, the autistic 18-year-old is hoping to add to that impressive record after the Special Olympics New Jersey Summer Games open at The College of New Jersey Friday.

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