Monday, June 27, 2011

Brain Test to Detect Autism in Toddlers

A new study indicates that autistic children show weaker synchronisation between the language areas on both sides of the brain.
Scientists measured the neural activity of sleeping toddlers, and found that children with the weakest synchronisation exhibited the most severe communication difficulties.
Researchers said the findings could lead to a method of diagnosing autism in one-year-olds.


  1. These results are interesting especially since they have been the basis of the Brain Balance Program for years. Brain Balance calls it "functional disconnection" and bases their sensory, motor, and cognitive interventions on this phenomenon. These exercises improve brain communication and function between and within the two hemispheres of the brain which reduces (or even eliminates) the symptoms of neuro-behavioral disorders like autism and ADHD.

  2. Thanks for your comment Jennifer. This is indeed an interesting study and one can only hope that it will lead to more findings that will help so many individuals and their families.