Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Night the Lights Went Out

Came across this on Patch by Lynn Hudoba, the mother of a little girl with autism. She writes a blog autismarmymom.com.

DOWNERS GROVE, IL. -- I'm sitting downstairs, with my daughter supposedly sleeping upstairs. I simultaneously hear the thunderous storm outside, that dead-duck sound of everything powering down, and her screaming, "OH NO! MY AAAAANGEL!!!!"
It seems her guardian angel took a powder along with the electricity. The guardian angel, who also happens to double as a night light.
It's really hard to explain to any child, let alone a child with autism, what electricity is and how it makes the angel glow and how, no, I can't fix it by putting in a new light bulb like last time, all while wondering if the house was headed for Oz and whether that angel would have recommended that we get to the basement if she was around to look after our well-being.

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