Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Blood Test for Autism in Development

Information on a developing new blood test to determine children's places on the autism spectrum.

On June 9, we commented on a scientific study that proved that autism in children can be caused by a random genetic mutation that could occur at any one of hundreds of different sites in the human genome. As I told you in that story, I believe the science because of the significant role that genetics often play in our everyday lives.

I have also previously written about my strong support for early intervention – essentially, how important it is that early diagnosis be made and how early intervention can make a difference in altering the maturity in some of the children with autism spectrum disorders.

Despite the countless studies that have been done on autism and it’s dramatically growing numbers, there are still many people who don’t believe in the reality of the autism spectrum. Nevertheless, for those parents like me that are seeking answers, there is a need to always keep an eye out for new studies and solutions.

And that brings me to this latest report, which is the product of ongoing research being conducted in Rhode Island at Bradley Hospital. Scientists are doing research based on the idea that autism has genetic origins. Their ultimate goal is to develop a blood test that could diagnose both autism and what the disorder would mean for the specific child it affects in terms of symptoms and treatment.

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