Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hooves, Heart and Hope for Children with Autism

HOUSTON- While the reasons why may not be fully understood, the idea is widely accepted that horses can sometimes have a therapeutic effect on human beings.

Horses are therefore utilized in several forms of therapy for people with disabilities, and multiple equine therapy organizations operate in the United States.

One of those is Spirit Horse International, based in Corinth, Texas, and an affiliated facility known as Spirit Horse JC Ranch, recently began operation in southeastern Texas County.

Spirit Horse JC Ranch president and director Jenni Spacek-Elseman is a Summersville native who has twin three-year-old boys with autism - Creek and Jesse James. After hearing about Spirit Horse and its many success stories, Spacek-Elseman purposed to open a branch in south-central Missouri. She made an arrangement with the owners of a 415-acre tract of land north of Willow Springs that includes a home and a 72,000 square-foot indoor rodeo facility formerly known as Soaring Eagle Arena, and she and her family members moved in about a year ago.

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