Friday, June 24, 2011

17 Wishes from an Adult with Autism

Another illuminating blog entry by the San Fransisco Chrnoicle City Brights' Laura Shumaker with recent Seton Hall graduate and adult with autism Kerry Magro.

SAN FRANSISCO- A thought provoking list from my friend Kerry Magro:


1. I wish that acceptance was easier to come by

2. I wish that loving one another was always on our mind

3. I wish that an "early diagnosis" remains a high priority

4. I wish that people would stop calling autism a disease

5. I wish that communication becomes easier for everyone with autism. We are trying.

6. I wish that we find more treatments to enhance the lives of people with autism

7. I wish that insurance for autism gets passed in all 50 states

8. I wish that the government would understand the need for services for the autistic in schools

9. I wish that autistic individuals can one day live their lives independently

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