Sunday, June 26, 2011

ARC Early Learning Center Closing

MADISON COUNTY, N.Y. -- Madison County ARC (now the Madison Cortland ARC) in 1968 developed a program for pre-school and school aged children with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Founded by families of children with special needs, this program paved the road to the creation of the wide range of care and supports offered at Madison Cortland ARC.
What was originally known as the Day Care Center for the Mentally Retarded 42 years ago, evolved into providing State Education and Health Department approved school age, pre-school, and early intervention programs. The name was changed to The Early Learning Center and it became an inclusive program that included children with and without special needs.
The Early Learning Center has helped hundreds of children with special needs in Madison County. Unfortunately, funding for the programs at the Early Learning Center has not kept up pace and the program has been running a deficit for many years. Madison Cortland ARC can no longer support a program that runs a deficit. The Early Learning Center programs will be closing the end of June.

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