Saturday, June 25, 2011

Family Raising 3 Son with Autism

VISALIA, Calif. -- On Austin Collins' 17th birthday, he sat at the kitchen counter and fiddled happily with the brand-new CD-player radio his mother, Lori Collins, gave him.
"See what I did here?" Lori said as she holds up the bright yellow string that connects the device to Austin's stool. "This way, he has to keep it down here in the kitchen. He can't carry it up to his room and destroy it. Even though he loves it, he'll end up destroying it."
This is just one of many tricks Lori has devised to streamline everyday life for her unusual family, who live in Visalia. Having three children with low-functioning autism is a challenge, but it is one that 36-year-old Lori Collins was seemingly engineered to handle.

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