Sunday, June 5, 2011

N.J. Family's Long Quest for Diagnosis

WAYNE, N.J. -- Kerri O'Rourke doesn't waste much time thinking about the lost years or placing blame on the town, the child-study teams or the first few specialists. In the rare instances the Wayne mother looks back instead of pressing forward, it is to be thankful for the people who helped her daughter, Brynn — the preschool teachers and current first grade teachers, the people of "The Doctors" TV show, neuropsychologist Dr. Steven Greco and Caroline Manzo.
Yes, that Caroline Manzo. The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star was approached by "The Doctors" to be on an episode about children with learning disabilities after her son Albie revealed his learning disability on "RHONJ." As part of "The Doctors" episode, which airs Monday morning, Manzo went to the O'Rourkes' home and talked mother-to-mother. This meeting of strangers with a shared experience helped O'Rourke most. Talking to someone who truly understood, telling Manzo about the nights she lies awake and wonders if God gave her child to the wrong mom, if she can't handle it, if she isn't doing enough.

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