Monday, June 13, 2011

Gaining Confidence and New Position

CLEONA, Pa. -- Volunteer, artist, worker-there are many words to describe Robert Boltz. The 39-year-old man born with Down syndrome is determined to keep moving forward in these areas.
The North Cornwall man's biggest success story comes from being an employee at Giant Food in Cleona. Seven years ago, Developmental and Disability Services job coach Melissa Vardzik found him an available cart-pushing position. Boltz became bored with the menial task, though Giant believed it was the only job for which he was fit, Vardzik said.
Finally, about a year ago, he was promoted to the produce department.
"He really did work his way up there," Vardzik said. "Robert is a totally different person now that he's in produce. He is so much more confident now, and it really opened him up."

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