Thursday, July 5, 2012

Study: Students with Disabilities Likely to Bully and Be Bullied

Susan Swearer
LINCOLN, Neb. -- Each week during the school year, two groups of about 20 students each meet in a classroom at Lincoln East High School.
Students with and without disabilities gather for lunch in Laurie Witters-Churchill’s room. The Lunch Bunch, as they call themselves, get together to share their similarities and revel in each other’s differences. Then they take the bonds they’ve formed out into their school’s halls.
One year, a group of Lunch Bunchers went to prom together. This year, one of its most involved members was named homecoming king.
Most of my students prefer not to be identified as anything but an East High student, which they should be,” said Witters-Churchill, a special-education teacher. “This kind of makes all kids equal.”

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