Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Call to Focus on Finding Jobs for People with Disabilities

Robert Lambert, a blind worker at
Blind Industries and Services of
Maryland, carries fabric that
has been cut into pieces for
military uniforms in Baltimore, M.D.
As the United States prepares to observe the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act Thursday, it's tempting to say, "hold the celebration." That's because for those with disabilities, the employment picture has, sadly, not improved since the ADA was signed into law 22 years ago.
In fact, during the recent recession, it deteriorated five times as badly as did employment for the rest of American workers. While the non-disability workforce shrank by about 2 percent, for people with disabilities, the number working fell by over 10 percent. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the picture has remained grim as the economy has begun its recovery: While 3 million new jobs were added to the able-bodied work force, workers with disabilities have seen their ranks shrink further.

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