Thursday, July 12, 2012

Asperger's and Uniqueness in Little Rosie Miller

From Huffington Post's Robert David Jaffee.

Autism, a disorder that in the past 20 years has seen its rates of diagnosis increase twentyfold, seems to afflict white children more frequently than minority kids. No one knows exactly why. It may be because white families tend to have greater financial resources and more information available to them than minority families. As a result, parents of white kids with autism are more likely to press their cause or even sue school districts so as to get behavioral aides for their children.
Julie Otto Miller, a computer consultant from a middle-class, white family in the Los Angeles area, is not contemplating suing a school district, nor does she think at this point that her daughter Rosie, a gifted six-year old who has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, needs a behavioral aide to take her from class to class at her school.
Julie just wants Rosie to learn more about social cues, skills she hopes Rosie can pick up from talk therapy and play therapy.

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