Monday, July 9, 2012

Joey Travolta Brings Film Camp to San Diego

Joey Travolta, left, with camerman
Domenic Moen, interviewing
Marine Lt. Col. Greg Lane at film camp.
SAN DIEGO -- Youngsters who may have a future in movies found that autism is no obstacle to their dream after attending a special camp to learn film-making skills last month.
Actor and film-maker Joey Travolta ---- yes, he's John's older brother ---- created the film camp for autistic children seven years ago. He brought the camp to San Diego for the first time in June.
In another first for the project, the two-week camp partnered with a national nonprofit focused on improving awareness and services to military families with autistic children.
The camps usually are held at universities and funded with grants, but this one was held at Cox Communications in San Diego from June 18-29.
"It's the process that teaches people," Travolta said at Cox on the final day of camp. "The process of collaborating."

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