Monday, August 22, 2011

Preparing Children with Autism for School

The end of summer always seemed to come too quickly for teachers. Parents, however, often felt school hadn’t come soon enough. That is because their children had become bored after the first few weeks of vacation. However, for children with autism, the radical change between summer and the school year can be overwhelming.
This certainly was the case last year for Isabel and Gus’s son Toby. Toby had qualified for the extended service year (ESY). ESY was only for the month of June. However, by July and August a child with special needs such as Toby became used to a routine without school.
Toby had classic autism. He did not do well with change. By early August, Toby’s mother knew she had to start preparing her son for school. Those preparations included getting her son up earlier and earlier every day a few weeks before school began. She had already started taking Toby by his school. That was a problem in itself. Toby was beginning first grade. He was going to have a new teacher and a new school. The changes this little boy was about to go through were very significant.

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