Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finding His Voice Through Technology

FOLSOM, Calif. -- Scott Grochowski is a young man with a great sense of humor and a compassion for animals, but up until about a year ago his Folsom neighbors had never seen that side of him. Instead, Scott was known for violent outbursts and aggressive behavior. The 26-year-old has been diagnosed with Mental Retardation, Autism and mild Cerebral Palsy, which severely limits his ability to speak. This verbal communication deficit meant people who came into contact with Scott had a difficult time understanding him.
The frustration Scott endured from his inability to communicate with his community caused him to lash out
. When angry, Scott might yell, run at dangerous objects or bite his own arm. Scott’s family and neighbors believed that he did not like meeting new people and hated dogs, because he had hit several individuals on the street and was known to kick at dogs that crossed his path. Neighbors began crossing the street and walking their dogs in the opposite direction when Scott came their way; he had alienated the people in his community.

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