Tuesday, August 30, 2011

College Options for Students with Disabilities

Colleges recently reported to the U.S. Department of Education that, among students with disabilities, 31 percent have some kind of learning disability. Starting in January, the Sage Colleges in Albany, NY will be offering a new all-online bachelor’s degree program, the Achieve Degree, designed specifically for students on the autism spectrum and for students with learning disabilities. The program offers a bachelor of arts in liberal studies with an emphasis in computer science and is the first of its kind to offer a four-year degree. Students in the program have to meet the same admissions standards and academic requirements as students in other parts of the college but can individualize how they work towards the degree, says InsideHigherEd:
They can opt for multiple-choice over essay exams, or choose their preferred form of content delivery – audio, video or text – and absorb the lectures that way. The program is also year-round, so students can take fewer courses per term and not drift off during summer break.

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