Thursday, August 18, 2011

Parents Do What's Best for Son's Education

FORT MILL, S.C. - William and Kimberly Brittain say they've decided to pull their autistic son Will from Fort Mill Schools. They say the district refuses to make accommodations and modifications best suited for his education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education act.
In many ways, their son Will is a typical kindergartner, able to learn in a regular school environment, along side other children his age. Federal law says if he can, and he's not disruptive to his classmates, then he should attend school with non-disabled kids his age.
"He functions best when people believe in him," said Kimberly Brittain, who worked in the specialized area of autisitc education prior to her son's birth.
Will communicates through sign language, using around 150 hand signs. In the past, he's done well in other regular classroom settings.

"We have the appropriate documentation and data to prove that he was very successful doing that and the school district refuses to look at that," said Kimberly Brittain.

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