Monday, August 22, 2011

Florida Cuts Jeopardize Care and Jobs

He needs help with basic tasks, from combing his hair to drinking a glass of water.
Born with cerebral palsy, 26-year-old Michael Cherta relies on others to dress him, feed him or take him to places where he can soak up the sunshine.
While his parents are at work during the day, licensed caregiver Pam Davison watches over Cherta and sees that his needs are met.
She'll fix lunch and pick up medication. Davison will take Cherta, who is wheelchair-bound, to physical or speech therapy sessions. Sometimes, she stands up for her client when she feels he's being ignored or taken advantage of.
Cherta and Davison now are worried this three-year arrangement is coming to an end because Gov. Rick Scott and lawmakers are cutting back on services for the developmentally disabled.

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