Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dance, a Positive Outlet for People with Autism

Jeremy Koven enjoys a hip-hop class.
TOMS RIVER, N.J. -- After a warm-up of jumping jacks and stretches in the bright dance studio at Once Upon a Dance in Toms River, Jeremy Koven, 20, listens attentively as his hip-hop teacher, Lauren “Lolly” White, instructs the class on the new dance combination they’ll be learning that evening, a series of step ball changes, body rolls and brisk arm movements set to popular music.
White praises Koven on his listening skills and mastery of the runner’s stretch, recognition that makes him smile, no matter that the classmates to his left and right are largely girls half his age, or that he is a man with high-functioning autism.
Simply put, “dancing makes me feel good,” the Toms River resident said.

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