Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Battle That Can't Be Won: Cure for Autism vs. Neurodiversity

An amazing blog post by Tim Villegas of thinkinclusive.us. Where you you stand?

I did something I slightly regret. I joined in the fight for a battle that can’t be won.
This is the battle between those who advocate  for a “cure” for autism and those who are offended by the term’s very existence.
To be honest…I have spent enough energy “debating” this on Twitter (not such a good forum for real discussion) so I thought I would put some thoughts out in the blogosphere. I am not autistic, nor do I have a disability. I am what people in the neurodiversity community call “neurotypical” (NT ). But I am a stakeholder. I have been a teacher for students with severe disabilities for close to a decade…which included time working exclusively with students with autism (most of which were non-verbal). I also have close relatives who have autism and other intellectual disabilities.

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