Monday, September 26, 2011

N.J. Summitt to Focus on Declining Quality of Life of Residents with Disabilities

Came across this opinion piece by Dr. Salvatore Pizzuro, a Disability Policy Specialist, holds a doctorate in Developmental Disabilities from Columbia University and an advanced degree in Disability Law from New York Law School.

The status of New Jerseyians with disabilities has diminished over recent years, rather than improved. Children and adults with special needs have taken a step back in employment, housing, health care, transportation and community acquiescence.
The general public is overwhelmed with trying to deal with the issues of meeting property tax requirements, escalating college tuition for their children, disappearing jobs, lower salaries, ever-increasing health care costs, and a cut back in public services.
At the same time, local, county and state agencies are finding it more difficult to provide services that, until a few years ago, the public took for granted.
An attempt will be made to at least create an ongoing dialogue among lawmakers, policy makers, public and private agencies and people with special needs, via a statewide summit and conference in East Rutherford on Oct. 3, 2011.

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