Thursday, September 22, 2011

Learning to Be More Self-Sufficient

, Wis. — Before getting help from Independent Disability Services, Lori and Steve Gates needed assistance buying personal supplies.
Now, they shop on their own.
Before, Lori needed somebody to go with her to doctor appointments.
Now, Lori goes to most appointments by herself.
Steve, 54, lost his vision when he was 8 and has cognitive disabilities. He works part-time assembling pens at the Industry for the Blind.
Lori, 52, is deaf in her right ear, wears a hearing aid in her left ear and has cerebral palsy and mild cognitive disabilities. She works part-time at McDonald's.
They've been married 12 years and are among those with developmental disabilities who would struggle living independently without drop-in support, said Valerie Mason, coordinator of the Independent Disability Services Independent Living Program.

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