Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Host Homes Provide Built-In Family

GARDEN CITY, Kans. -- Mosaic has been providing Host Home Provider services throughout the United States for some time. However, the concept is new to Southwest Kansas and something Mosaic’s local administration is eager to get off of the ground. A Host Home Provider would bring a person with development disabilities into his or her home, to live as a member of the family or simply as a roommate. Mosaic of Garden City has recently implemented the concept and have had results that seem to benefit all involved.
Mosaic of Liberal’s Executive Director David Jasper said the Host Home program gives people in service a greater sense of satisfaction with their lives in general.
“This is for the people in service to be more in a family environment and roommate like atmosphere,” Jasper said. “These people score much higher in satisfaction. It is because they have more of a connection to the family, person and the community. From their standpoint, it is really one person or family assisting them, as opposed to four or five staff members in a weeks time – so it’s a lot different.”

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