Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Farewell to's Autism Site

So sorry to see Lisa Jo Rudy --'s autism writer -- farewell column, but we'll still be able to follow her at Authentic Inclusion and on a new site Autism After 16.

Well, it's been about five and a half years.
When I started on this site, my son was just a little guy.
At that time, I wanted to know all about autism spectrum disorders. And over the years, I have learned! The wealth of information I collected - all I ever wanted to know, and more! - will still be here, on these web pages, for a while to come. That's because any site guide starting out today to cover topics in autism would have to start almost from scratch in just a year and a half, when the new diagnostic manual is published. At that time, much of what I've written about - Asperger syndrome, PDD-NOS, speech issues related to autism and more - will simply be... obsolete.

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