Monday, November 5, 2012

Mentor Program Proves It Has Merit

Senior Brian Balberchak, left, helps
sophomore Willie Williams with his
, Calif. — A pained expression crossed Elizabeth Covarrubias’ face. The 16-year-old Eastlake High junior had just turned to a chapter in her geometry textbook titled “Indirect Proof and Inequality in One Triangle.”
“I’m having trouble with geometry,” Elizabeth said. “My mom said I had to come here.”
“Here” is Eastlake High’s cafeteria, which, for an hour after school every Thursday, is transformed into a giant study hall for the Titan Academic Assistance Program or TAAP. The peer program pairs underclassmen — specifically, English learners, the socioeconomically disadvantaged and students with disabilities who need coursework help — with other students, typically upperclassmen, who are eager to mentor.

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