Sunday, August 19, 2012

Social Media Helps Autism Community Connect

    Gretchenleary, “@AspergerSadie can you please RT my tweet about the Ellen show?”
    AspergerSade, “@Gretchenleary @TheEllenShow It may not happen. I actually wrote to Ellen YEARS ago about this, and she never replied. But I believe in her.”
    A few months ago, the tweets between Erin Clemens of West Whiteland, AspergerSadie, and Gretchen Leary of the Boston area, Gretchenleary, were an attempted campaign to get on the Ellen DeGeneres show and raise autism awareness.
    I really just wanted her to be able to promote somebody on the show that could really show the world that people on the spectrum are not all the same,” said Leary. “It’s not all rocking and crying and meltdowns; it’s lots of different things. It was a shame it didn’t work out, but at least we did bring a lot of awareness,” said Clemens.

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