Monday, August 6, 2012

Angels' Fan Talking Baseball

Kodey Flaxington meets his favorite
player, Torri Hunter, at Angel Stadium.
ANAHEIM – After a few minutes with Kodey Flaxington, you start to understand his language. He's a chatterbox. "Can't shut him up," his father, Chris, says.
He could put on a head switch and type out a sentence on a computer keyboard. But that would take about two minutes.
No time for that. So he talked as clearly as the cerebral palsy would let him, in slurred and garbled syllables that those who know 18-year-old Kodey well can understand.
He shouted, "Oree Unger," and shrieked with glee on July 24 when he came to visit the Angels before their game against Kansas City at Angel Stadium.

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