Friday, August 31, 2012

Colorado Officer Praised for Sensitivity, Patience

WALSENBURG, Colo. — On a daily basis police officers carry with them, mentally and physically, the tools they need to do the job well.
Equipment issued to the officer is visible to anyone, but there is so much more to what an officer needs to do the job than the items hanging from a duty belt. There is of course, the knowledge gained from time in the academy, on-the-job-training and experience on the streets. But there are also human qualities, like patience and compassion, that officers need to develop within themselves to be able to handle the varied day-to-day calls they must answer.
Last month, Walsenburg police were called to investigate an incident involving an at-risk adult client of Southern Colorado Developmental Disabilities, Inc. Police Chief James Chamberlain assigned Sgt. Garry Hornsby to the investigation.

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