Monday, August 6, 2012

Accepting Autism

Came across this post by Bekki DeAntonio, who has a son with autism.

"Neurodiversity is not about celebrating the autism spectrum, it is about recognizing and accepting the undeniable diversity of the human spectrum." John Scott Holman (who is a 25 year old with autism)
This quote really got me thinking and also got my husband and I talking. I love those times where Michael and I sit, coffee in hand, spouting out ideas and theories. Time goes by quickly, but there is an electric charge. We are completely enveloped in each other.
At most basic level, we are all different. Our DNA is all different. That's a great thing. The problem arises if a person isn't able to assimilate into what our culture views as, "normal." I'm sick of normal. What is normal?

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