Monday, August 6, 2012

'Not Throwaway People'

BURLINGTON, Iowa -- Ginnie Hager might fall through the cracks.
For the past four years, Hager, 33, has lived at the Walton Group Home, a residential care facility in Burlington overseen by the nonprofit group Hope Haven. She lives there with 11 other clients, all of whom have a variety of disabilities.
Since Hager was a baby, she has suffered from epileptic seizures. Last week, she had one that lasted 10 minutes. There have been times when she has woken up on the floor with black eyes and no memory of the convulsions that came before.
Functional, but unable to drive or perform other tasks due to her disorder, Hager requires near 24-hour care because a violent seizure can take hold of her body at any moment.
She gets that care at the Walton Group Home, along with a job at Goodwill and a healthy social life that might not otherwise be available to her.
By the end of September, that might be taken away.

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