Monday, August 20, 2012

Farm Provides Meaningful Life for People with Disabilities

From Canada, but sounded too good to pass up this morning.

Lynette Zacharias, 31, was driving a tractor on the farm the other day when it occurred to her how much the farm has changed. And how fast, too.
Three years ago, the place was a canola field. Now there is a house with 10 bedrooms, three bathrooms and a kitchen big enough to make a feed mill jealous. There are young fruit trees and potted flowers. A garden has beets and potatoes. Chickens and a pot belly pig are in the new red barn. A donkey is in the pasture with two ponies and a pair of animals that are a mix of llama and alpaca.
Zacharias and her friend Krista Neufeld, 32, are part of the picture. As Neufeld looked out a window in the house facing west, she was thinking the same as Zacharias, struck by the change.
"There is so much joy here," Neufeld sad.

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