Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Royals' Dark Secret

OK, I admit, I couldn't resist this gossipy tidbit. I usually pass on these, because I do tend to question their accuracy. But it is a slow news day . . . so we go to England.

Kate Middleton's marriage into the royal family created an extreme public curiosity and intrigue for the royals that's not seen such heights since Princess Diana joined this circle. The public's thirst for everything Kate Middleton and everything royal family unturned one stone lately that harbors a deep dark and sad secret about members of the royal family.
The Queen's two hidden cousins is a story put into a documentary that airs on TV this Thursday. These two sisters, who are first cousins of the Queen were born with developmental disabilities and hidden away in an asylum all their lives. One of the sisters died at age 66 in 1986, but the other sister is still alive.

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