Sunday, November 20, 2011

As Families Struggled, Maryland Insisted It Had No Funds to Help

This is just outrageous and is truly hard to grasp. There just is no way to even begin to defend Maryland's actions. Am certain we'll be hearing more on this one.

ANNNAPOLIS, Md. -- For more than two years, Heidi Berlin and her husband, Dan, have fought state bureaucracy while seeking help for their developmentally disabled son.
And for more than two years, officials have told the Edgewater couple there isn't enough money in state coffers.
So the Berlins were shocked to learn this month that over the past two years the Developmental Disabilities Administration hadn't spent at least $34 million intended to help people with disabilities - and actually returned more than $25 million to the state's General Fund.
"We live in a very depressing world," Heidi Berlin said Thursday morning after a particularly long night caring for her 4-year-old son, Adam. "But this was a real slap in the face. ... They could have helped us, but they gave the money away."


  1. Very disheartening, indeed.
    To Heidi and Dan Berlin--I would like to offer a day of respite care (pro bono). Feel free to send me, Susan Sullivan, M.Ed., an email at AnnapolisEarlyIntervention at gmail.

  2. Susan, that is such a kind offer. I hope someone can reach out to the Berlins. I will try to contact the reporter and see if we can get your message to them.
    Thanks again.

  3. Thank you for offering to contact the reporter, Lynn! Please let me know if you are able to get the message through.
    Have a great evening,

  4. Just off the phone with Scott Daugherty, the reporter who wrote this story. He has forwarded your generous offer to the Berlins.