Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Stress for Children with Autism

BROWNSVILLE, Texas -- To most parents, the holidays seemed to come earlier every year. This year was no exception. The children recognized things were already beginning to change once the pumpkins had come and gone. Haystacks and turkey pictures seemed to be appearing everywhere in town and in the school. Now, even Christmas trees could be seen several weeks ahead of the actual holiday. The holiday season was an exciting time for most children. However, this time of year could also bring about some unexpected behaviors, too.
As the Thanksgiving holiday approached, Joanie, one of the newer parents of a child with autism, told the teacher that her son Willy was not able to go to family gatherings. The teacher knew that Willy still had difficulty parting from his mother. Joanie told the teacher that her son did not like going to any home other than his own. Willy was a child that had difficulty communicating what he wanted. Usually, Willy was a sweet child. However, when he didn’t get his way, the boy would throw a tantrum. Fortunately, that behavior hadn’t been occurring in the classroom but it was happening at home.

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