Friday, November 11, 2011

Ohio Teen with Special Needs Wears Wire to Tape Aide's Bullying in Classroom

Such a disturbing story. Got to give the mother credit for even thinking this way. Just so sad that she has to and that her daughter was being treated so poorly.

WASHINGTON COURTHOUSE, Ohio -- The mother of an Ohio teenager with special needs had her daughter wear a wire to secretly record a barrage of disparaging comments from a classroom aide, officials and the family's lawyer said.
On the four days of tapes, made last spring, the aide Kelly Chaffins is heard telling the 14-year-old girl that she is "dumb" and "a liar" and saying, "No wonder you don't have any friends."
"Don't you want to get rid of that belly?...Go for a walk. Do you know how to? You are just lazy and your family is lazy," she castigated the child, according to the complaint in a lawsuit filed by the girl's family.

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