Sunday, November 6, 2011

Long Residential Wait Lists Raise Anxiety

FAIRFIELD, Conn. -- Matthew Petrone, like any 25-year-old who lives with his or her parents, would not mind some independence. But for Petrone, moving out is not as easy because he has Down syndrome. He has a job and can take care of his own basic needs, but he needs some assistance daily, which his parents happily provide.
Yet there will come a day when Cathy and Steven Petrone won't be around anymore and moving out of the house will become a necessity. His parents hope that time is decades away and they'll be able to devise a plan for Matt's care. Like most families with children with intellectual disabilities, they will have to rely on the state to help out.
But it is not going to be easy. Waiting lists for homes where residents can get help with their needs are long.

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