Saturday, October 22, 2011

Temple Grandin: Understanding Autism

If you're a Temple Grandin fan, you'll love this interview from 60 Minutes Overtime.

In the world of autism and autism research, there is no one of greater stature than Temple Grandin. As Lesley Stahl says in this week's Overtime Correspondent Candid, "She's one of those rare people with autism who can explain autism. She's a sort of interpreter of autism for the rest of us."
For parents of autistic children, for scientists who study autism, for teachers and caregivers who work with autistic children and adults, Grandin's insights have been groundbreaking and immeasurably helpful.
As she told Lesley: "What I've tried to do is combine both my personal experiences with scientific research. I like to cross the divide between the personal world and the scientific world."

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