Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Florida's Support System at 'Breaking Point'

The Tampa Tribune features a column by ReneƩ Valletutti, who chairs the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council.

Over the past several years, individuals with developmental disabilities and their families have endured extensive reductions and elimination of needed services due to funding cuts to the Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities' Developmental Disabilities Home and Community Based Services Waiver budget. The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council believes that funding for the waiver cannot sustain any further reductions without seriously jeopardizing both the health and safety of individuals with developmental disabilities who rely on these services and the basic infrastructure of the waiver system.
Currently, many individuals with developmental disabilities and their families are not receiving the services they need to find employment and get help with their daily living activities, which allows them to become or remain independent and have a life in the community like their peers without disabilities.

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