Monday, October 10, 2011

Going to the Hospital with Autism

From Laura Shumaker's blog at the San Francisco Chronicle. Frightening but shows a real gap in health care services for people with autism and other developmental disabilities.

It had been a week since I had taken Matthew to the emergency room, (click here to see how that went,) where the staff were very kind and competent, but many were unsure of how to communicate with Matthew, and who could blame them?
"When I was in med school," says Lucy Crain, co-director of the annual Continuing Medical Education Course Developmental Disabilities: Update for Medical Professionals presented by the UCSF School of Medicine and the UCSF School of Nursing, "maybe a total of 4 hours was devoted to developmental disabilities, mostly cerebral palsy, epilepsy, mental retardation (before we began using the term 'intellectual disability') and Down Syndrome. Autism was once briefly mentioned as a differential diagnosis in a patient in clinic."

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