Tuesday, October 18, 2011

'The Light In His Eyes Began to Go Out'

Terrible pain too often accompanies mother-love (and father-love for that matter). I could not let Megan Liberman’s post from Monday on Emily Rapp's Notes From a Dragon Mom inch down the screen without flagging another — admittedly far less hopeless — reflection on maternal loss that I read some days ago in the Chronicle of Higher Education.
It's called Little Boy Lost, and in it Amy Leal, a Syracuse University Romantic scholar, writes unforgettably of the horror of having watched her now-nonverbal 2-year-old son, Julian, lose his just-acquired language skills to autism.
Julian had, she relates, been receiving early-intervention services for three months when he suddenly had a "frightening regression" and "the light in his eyes began to go out."

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