Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Autism at Work: Learning to Think Socially

Laura Shumaker at SFgate.com -- the San Francisco Chronicle -- does it again! This time Michele Garcia Winner who presented in NYC last week on social thinking at the YAI Network's Autism Conference, gets the assist.

Matthew, who is very interesting in garden work, decided to go around the neighborhood and offer his services over the summer. With the help of a mentor/helper, he put together a flyer circulated it to "only the houses that looked bad." His helper encouraged him to simply slip the flyers in mail boxes, which Matthew did cheerfully. Everything went well until came upon a house with an overgrown lawn and no visible mail box just as an elderly woman was coming through her front door.
"Your lawn looks horrible," he said forcefully. "I want to mow it."
She did not hire him

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