Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Health Care Debate and Its Impact on Children With Special Needs

WASHINGTON — A group of parents who oppose President Barack Obama's plan for revamping health care said Tuesday it would lead to rationing for children with life-threatening disabilities. National advocates for the disabled immediately rejected the claim that echoed this summer's dispute over "death panels."


  1. They're still going on with that HealthCare Reform. When will they get on with it already? Enuff;s Enuff now.

  2. Hopefully they will get it right - but I think this reform is something that will evolve over time and will need adjustments here and there. The good news is that we are seeing states move toward requiring insurance plans to cover various treatments and therapies for individuals with autism. I do feel strongly that everyone has the right to health care -- denying people access to doctors and specialists will just cost society more in the end. And the other issue the president raised that I'm in total agreement with is that no one should go broke just because they got sick.