Friday, September 25, 2009

Colorado Budget Cuts Focing People With Disabilities Out of Regional Center

DENVER - The state is moving forward with plans to close a skilled-nursing facility serving people with severe developmental disabilities in Grand Junction next year, despite several families' efforts to keep it open.
Grand Junction Regional Center is a 32-bed facility. Governor Ritter announced in August the facility would close, saving tax payers $1.3 million. It's part of a bigger plan to cut at total of $320 million from the state budget over the next year.
Department of Human Services, Deputy Director of Veteran's and Disability Services, Tim Hall says closing the Grand Junction Regional Center wasn't a decision based solely on money. "It's consistent with what other states are doing," he said.
Hall says since the late 1980's states have moved away from institutions like Grand Junction Regional Center and into community based facilities like nursing homes and group homes.

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