Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pennsylvania Program Provides Support for Adults With Autism

For children who have been diagnosed with autism, there is no shortage of services available. Early intervention, intermediate units, developmental and behavioral services, Medicaid, family-based mental health services, residency placements and outpatient programs are just some of the options -- until that child turns 21.
A new program in Pennsylvania is helping to fill the void in services for adults on the spectrum. Adult Community Autism Program, a joint venture between Keystone Autism Services and the Pennsylvania Bureau of Autism, is now working to serve adults in Cumberland, Dauphin and Lancaster counties, it is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania.
"You don't outgrow autism," said Drue Robinson, chief operating officer of Keystone Autism Services. "We tend to forget that you still have autism at 21. You still have autism at 45, at 60."
The program, which will initially serve 200 individuals ages 21 and older, is an all-inclusive program that provides behavioral health and medical services, Robinson said. Participants apply through the Bureau of Autism Services, part of the state Department of Public Welfare.

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