Monday, September 21, 2009

Confronting Social Isolation Through Art

East Providence, R.I. -- In the photograph, Lindsey Ponte stares into the camera lens wide-eyed, her brown orbs radiating surprise. She covers her mouth with a paint-smudged hand. In the next frame, the photo’s duplicate still draws the viewer in, but it is now criss-crossed with color — purple, green, blue, black and white cover the image haphazardly.
The viewer can’t help but smile at this young woman’s take on her portrait. It is simple, refreshing and endearing, as are the rest of works in Nathan Fitch’s new exhibit, “Double Vision,” currently showing in the main gallery at AS220.
Fitch’s subjects — and collaborators — are students at East Providence’s Top Drawer Art Center, a nonprofit visual arts organization providing art programs for adults with developmental disabilities. The center aims to promote the idea that adults with developmental disabilities can confront feelings of social isolation through art.

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