Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Opinion: IMFAR Hasn't Come Far Enough

From Katie Wright at Age of Autism.

I know how hard it is to meet the needs of our kids. It is such tough going for so many of our families. Less than half of ASD kids make a recovery from early intervention and behavioral therapies alone. ASD kids suffer from an incredibly high rate of gastrointestinal distress, severe food allergies, and mitochondrial and immune dysfunction. PANDAS and Lyme disease are causing permanent neurological damage as they go undiagnosed in tens of thousands of ASD kids. Most of these problems go untreated because they are virtually unstudied. ASD families overwhelmingly want to see more investment in environmental, rather than genetic research as well as an open and honest discussion of our vaccine schedule and adverse reactions.
So are you ready to have your mind blown? IMFAR barely covered ANY of these issues. You want to know what kind of oral presentations IMFAR did offer?

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