Monday, May 21, 2012

Opinion: Children with Special Needs Deserve Better than a Rush to Reform

An unbelievable story is brewing overseas. Here is an article by John Harris, who is a parent of a son with autism, of The Guardian.

LONDON -- The government bounces from crisis to imbroglio and back again – but at Michael Gove's Department for Education, the revolution rolls on. A green paper on special educational needs was published last year – and after the inclusion of the plans in the Queen's speech, last week saw an explosion of news coverage. As many as 450,000 children, said ministers, could soon be taken out of the category of special needs altogether. The resulting stories paid no mind to the idea that we are talking about a sliding scale, and the infinite complexities of child development – as far too many people saw it, you either have special needs or you don't, and too many people are playing the system.

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