Wednesday, May 30, 2012

California Senate OK's Abuse Bills

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Two bills intended to improve police investigations into patient abuse and unexplained injuries at California's institutions for the developmentally disabled passed the state Senate Monday.
The legislation, SB 1051 and SB 1522, would require the state to notify outside law enforcement agencies and disability rights groups when it uncovers allegations of violent crimes against patients. Lawmakers and patient advocates have criticized the state's in-house police force, called the Office of Protective Services


  1. YAI - I was Van Ingraham's brother and conservator. These bills, especially SB 1522 (Senator Mark Leno D-SF), were written specifically because of Ryan Gabrielson's investigative journalsim into Van's homicide at Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa,Ca. We are pursuing SB 1522 to be named "Van's Law", since all aspects of the bill involve what occurred in Van's case; failure to report as abuse, failure to investigate, cover-up. Your endorsement would be wonderful. Senator Leno's office is receptive to the name of "Van's Law".Alison Merrilees is his director, and is whom we are corresponding with at: ........... PS - Even with these senate bills passing, the suspect in my brother's homicide, a state caregiver, still works at Fairview as a caregiver, due to the botched "investigation". Larry Ingraham

  2. Larry, thank you for your comment. I personally will send an email and I hope others follow. Lynn.