Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dreaming of a Summer Vacation . . . Maybe

Came across an amazing website Autism After 16. Articles are writing by individuals with autism, family members and others in the field.

 The weather is warm and breezy. Kids are out of school. The pace of life seems to slow down, even just a little: It is summer.
Most people in American society can’t wait for a summer vacation. People dream all year of taking off to the beach, or hightailing it on some adventure. What if you are on the autism spectrum? Is summer vacation just as enticing?
Maybe. A stereotype about autistic adults is that we do not like traveling. In order to travel, don’t you have to leave the familiarity of home? Won’t it be too hard to cope with new environments, new routines, and new people? The reality is that some of us on the spectrum like to travel and some of us don’t. Whether you can’t wait for vacation—or you’re being dragged along on one—planning can help.

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